1st international meeting at SUPŠ Bechyně (Czech Republic)

11th to 16th January 2015

The partnership between Czech and Portuguese art schools, SUPŠ Bechyně and EASR Porto, was officially launched in January 2015. From 11th to 16th the first international meeting of students and teachers from Portuguese partnership school has taken place at the art school of Bechyně.

Students of the 2nd year of graphic and 3rd year of multimedia design were involved into the organisation of the meeting. In spite of chilly winter weather, the meeting was held in a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

During the school week, Portuguese students got to know better the surrounding of the school, they tried various graphic design techniques, working on the pottery wheel; they participated actively in classes of English and English conversation and visited interesting places around Bechyně. More than all they met those students with whom they should work intensively on the common project called „Re: ART TRUeSTory“ in next two years.

As part of the first meetings, students cooperated to install their art works they had created before. As a highlight a vernissage of common work and official opening of the cooperation of both schools took part in the programme. The topic “What are we/you like”? was intertwining during the whole working week, i.e. students were supposed to get to know as much as possible about foreign cultures, habits, traditions and interests of the others, about the art specialisation of the school etc. On the basis of new experience students may build up when creating a common stop-motion or an animation story.

All in all, the week with our Portuguese friends was very intense, but more than very pleasant and enriching in order to clarify organisation points during project meetings. Thanks to project activities and informal meetings between friends an open friendship was renewed and both students and teachers are enthusiastic to working together in Porto in March.