5th international meeting at SUPŠ Bechyně (Czech Republic)

28th February to 4th March 2016

The workshops in the fifth meeting in Bechyně were arranged mainly for the Portuguese students of ceramic design who participated in this meeting. They worked together with Czech students in the modeling workshop, creating together a collage of relief. They also tried making the pottery on the pottery wheel, painting on ceramic pins and working with decals on porcelain. It was very important to prepare together the final exhibition of all steps in the project and to organize the following vernissage for the public with the premiere of the stop-motion animation Travel of Memories. Czech and Portuguese students were involved actively in the preparation of the whole event, installing and displaying the posters and products, preparing promotional notebooks, preparing Portuguese and Czech beverages and, for instance, decorating typically Czech gingerbreads for our guests.

The complex exhibition was officially opened by creative student fun show; the public could then see lots of results from the two-year intense cooperation. It was also a great opportunity to thank nicely to all participants, both teachers and students, for their work, enthusiasm… for their endurance and patience. It is more than certain that we would not be able to celebrate those results without the funds of Erasmus+.