6th international meeting at Oporto (Portugal)

9th to 13th May 2016

The last 6 th meeting (9 th to 15 th May 2016) was also the last meeting in Porto and the last ever in the whole project Erasmus+ Re: ART TRUeSTory. The final exhibition from SUPŠ Bechyně was partly moved to EASR Porto.

The whole week at school was again filled up with great and useful workshops. After the experience from the last two stays at the Portuguese school, the teachers allowed the Czech students to work again with the silkscreen, but creating the print form in a different way. Moreover, the students worked with type printing, they created a short stop-motion animation and one ceramic student participated in a modeling workshop. The Czech students were shown some other interesting technological procedures… and then it was high time to say goodbye and to hope for meeting soon in the future.