Step n°1
Handwritten texts

What do we know about each other? What are we like? And what are our countries like? Do we have any real knowledge, or just vague ideas and maybe incorrect prejudice? Step one will help us to get to know more. Our concepts are fitting in each other, becoming more accurate. For the first time we are learning something that might help to get to know each other better.



Try to write personal texts, ideas, opinions; 2x short handwritten texts on the following topics:


  1. What do you think that might happen if you go to the Czech republic/Portugal? What are you going to see, what will be the cities like, people, what about your Czech/ Portuguese peers? What are the people eating, how do they behave…?
  2. Imagine that a Czech/Portuguese student is coming to Porto/Prague. He/she is coming to a completely unknown place. If you want to prepare him/ her for the arrival by describing how it looks there, what are Portuguese/Czech people like, what might happen to him/her.

Try to write down what seems important for you.


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Step n°2

Picture materials

Thanks to the previous step we have learned more about each other. Some ideas have been confirmed, some disproved, perhaps. The “image” that we have been creating about the others is more and more truthful. Step 2 should clarify more our ideas. Owing to pictures, photos about ourselves, to our surroundings and to typical places we might get an interesting art collage illustrating our different countries.


PICTURE MATERIALS: Introduce yourself and your surroundings to the other students through PICTURES!
  1. Make one picture depicting YOURSELF. You want to describe yourself to the others.
  2. Make one pictures where you depict your surroundings. Think about WHAT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU. The place where you live – members of your family, friends, schools, places where you love wandering, your favourite cup, talisman, your favourite book….), what do you want to show, what is connected with you… 
  3. Make one picture portraying what you think is TYPICAL FOR YOUR COUNTRY. Something that would help Portuguese/Czech students to imagine the place where we live – countryside, towns, people, food… 

Please, add some information and explanations in English (what is in the picture, why you decided to show this…)


Format – square – max 20 x 20 cm
Technique – ANY – you may take pictures in any technique you ever know or would like to combine – you may paint, draw, make a collage, graphic design, and computer graphic, you may model something and make a picture… just experiment and play with possibilities 🙂 But do not download!


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Step n°3

This step is about narration…Stories about somebody, something…Portuguese or Czech. Narrations about what would be, if there was something….Stories depicting what would happen, if thanks to somebody or something our two countries would meet together…Out of all ideas we will choose the best that will serve as basis for the film screenplay and for the stop-motion animation as a follow-up.



Write a story about people, things…and try to somehow relate our two countries.

Make sure your text could serve as a screenplay for a short animation movie.

Here below are some possible “unfinished beginning” that you may develop more:


  1. I was dreaming peacefully in my comfy bed, when suddenly I woke up…
  2. One night I had a dream. I fell asleep and suddenly I woke up in the middle of an unknown town. I had a feeling that I am supposed to spend there one day…
  3. I would like to tell you a story of a really remarkable, unusual day… As every day, I was walking slowly to school across the square in our town. Suddenly, I noticed a bed in the middle of the square. Then I saw somebody in there, looking around in confusion…
  4. As every day, I was walking slowly to school. Suddenly, I noticed something lying on the ground. Yes, I recognized it in a moment – it was from Portugal/ Czech republic! It was…  
  5. Other topic


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Step n°4
Animation film

The realisation of the story into a stop-motion short movie is done together. The topic is worked on in such a way so that it would be feasible to make a short stop-motion animation. The equipment, technical support, storyboard and all is being prepared in order to create an enormous amount of shots, creating final short animation. See trailer here and final animation here.


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Step n°5
Project Logo

All two-year Erasmus+ cooperation Re: ART TRUeSTory becomes an important activity at our schools and therefore it merits to be seen and promoted. And so, there are ideas for the logo of the whole project. The work, responding the best to the requirements, becomes the final logotype of the project.



Logotype (i.e. logo formed only with letters) should respect the arrangement of both lower/ upper-case letters and blank space, as in the name of the project itself.

The logotype should express the cooperation, creativity of young people, art performance, and witty humour….The logotype should be in black and in colours; it should be reproducible even when reduced.


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Step n°6
Animation logo and poster 50×70

The stop-motion animation represents one of the main results of the project Re: ART TRUeSTory. It is worth creating a special name, a logo of the story and also appropriate poster, determining visual communication of the animation.


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Step n°7

During the stop-motion animation many shots will be made. By choosing a certain amount, depicting clearly the process of the animation, we might get enough material to make a photo novel. The story will live and survive both in the form of a video, but also in printed and binder version textbook. The step n°7 represents the preparation of the cover and whole graphic layout and design of the book.


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Step n°8
Merchandising objects

Two years or work – so many ideas, opinions, ideas, sketches, paintings, drawings, graphics, photos, modelling, ceramic paintings, pottery wheel work, webdesign, work with sound and film edition….An amount of technologies and art techniques, a lot of creative art work that deserve to be seen, published and celebrated – again in a creative way. The aim of this step is to create and make many imaginative, playful promotional objects for the whole project.


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Step n°9

Not only art work was the aim of the whole project, but also mutual understanding of relatively distant countries, different languages, communication in English, intensive common meetings. All of that represents the project Re: ART TRUeSTory. As well as we will assemble pages into chapters, also we will close the entire project in the form of a book. It will serve as an acknowledgement and memory for all participants and certainly as inspiration for future projects…


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Step n°10

Finally, but not least important, the design and creation of a website specifically for the project, where people can find exclusive information on the activities and its participants. On this website we can find a brief explanation of the project, a summary of the mobilities meetings as well as the presentation of the various steps and the results summary. There is also an area where students left their testimonies about the experience.


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You can see more detailed results os the different STEPs here (.zip file).